P&G Laundry Bag banner We’re sorry you experienced an issue with our bag packaging. The quality of our products and packaging is important to us to ensure you have the best experience possible.

A limited number of P&G Laundry Detergent Pacs bags packaging may be difficult to close given a manufacturing issue. Since these packages did not meet our high standards, we have issued a voluntary recall in partnership with the CPSC and have decided to offer replacement packaging as well as a prepaid debit card for the value of your purchase price.

First, since it is not possible to close the product, we recommend transferring the product to a Tide PODS or Gain Flings tub with a Child Resistant Closure. If you do not have a Child Resistant Container, you may request one from our Consumer Care Team. Please store the product up, closed and safe – away from children. Then, for your inconvenience and because the quality of our product is important to us, our team will provide you with a prepaid debit card for the value of your purchase price as well as a replacement bag and cabinet latch to keep your laundry products secure.

For more information about replacing a damaged package please click on the link below that best matches your product packaging.

Fabric care storage

*To validate if you have an impacted bag packaging you will need to provide the lot code number and the barcode number. You can view impacted lot codes here, which is the first step in the process to check if your bag might be impacted. For more information about this recall, please visit: news.pg.com