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10 Ways to Express Gratitude | Good Everyday

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10 Ways to Express Gratitude

Here are ten thoughtful ways that you can share a grateful spirit with your family, friends, neighbors, and the world!

It's the time of year where we all take inventory of the things we’re grateful for. For the good things that have happened to us, for the lessons we’ve learned, for the things we hold dear.

The past two years have been different for all of us—showing both how fragile we can be and how resilient the human spirit is. We’ve learned how important friends, family, and our health are. And as we find our way forward, we reflect on all that we are thankful for. As we introspect, let us also think about the ways we can “pay it forward,” and share our spirit of gratitude with others.

  1. Journaling.

This may seem like a ‘duh’ to many of us, but as we start to resume our busy lives and move about our days, it’s easy to forget the moments of happiness or good things that happen to us throughout the day. Writing them down is a wonderful way to remember, so you can share your joy and inspire others to do good, as well.

  1. Random acts of kindness.

As the holidays approach, we’re entering a season of giving. It doesn’t have to be something big, but doing an unexpected kindness for someone, without hoping for something in return, can completely change the trajectory of a person’s day. Need an idea? Try holding the door open for the person behind you, paying for someone's coffee order, or babysitting for a busy mom or dad one night.

  1. Curb your complaining for a week.

It’s all too easy to start talking about the stresses that happen to you throughout the day. Sometimes it’s nice to vent and get things off your chest, or getting validation for your mood can help you feel seen. But reframing your mindset so you see these complaints as learning opportunities rather than slights can help lift not only your mood, but the mood of those who you would normally vent to.

  1. Posting the positive.

Take a walk around your house and note all the places where you or your housemates spend the most time. Write out a few sticky notes with positive affirmations, compliments, or good news to show how thankful you are for their (and your own) presence in your life.

  1. Giving to those in need.

Charities, food kitchens, and afterschool programs are impactful ways you can make a difference locally. If you want to do good at home and beyond, P&G Good Everyday is all about giving—both to you and others. When you become a member, you join us in providing food, period products, essential household items, clean drinking water, and so much more to families who need help.

  1. Write a rave review.

Let others know when a business or service has really helped you out. Especially if they’ve gone above and beyond, this helps others make an informed decision about the businesses they can trust.

  1. Be a fan of your friends.

Do you have a friend who is an entrepreneur? Support their small business, Etsy shop, or store by buying something, writing a review, and engaging with them on social media—without being prompted.

  1. Be real with someone.

Tell a friend or family member what they mean to you. Be specific when sharing a time or event that really impacted you or changed your relationship. Let them know how it made you feel and that it was important to you.

  1. Send flowers or order a meal delivery

We all know someone who’s having a hard week. Let them know you’re thinking about their well-being by sending a thoughtful bouquet of their favorite flower, or getting them a meal from their favorite restaurant.

  1. Say ‘thank you’ yourself!

Thank yourself for your resilience, flexibility, and caring! Be gentle with yourself and give yourself the care, space, and respect you deserve. You’ve been through a lot these past 24 months, so give yourself some love in return.

What did you think of our list? We want to know—how will you show your moments of gratitude this fall? Let us know on any of our social media profiles, and if you’re not already part of our community, then join P&G Good Everyday so we can do good, together.

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