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Children’s Safe Drinking Water: Using Innovation to Deliver Billions of Liters of Clean Water

Join us and help bring clean water to communities in need.

Imagine what life would be like if clean water was not readily available. How would you shower, wash your dishes and hydrate your body? These simple, everyday tasks are hard to accomplish without access to clean water.

As the world observes World Water Day (March 22), let’s pause to recognize that access to this precious resource can be a struggle in some communities. Since 1993, the United Nations has observed World Water Day to raise awareness of the more than 770 million people who live without access to clean water. When the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program was established in 2004, nearly 4,000 children were dying each day as a result of illness caused by drinking dirty water. Today, according to the World Health Organization, that number is down to 800 — but that is still 800 too many.

With the help of more than 150 global partners, P&G is helping to make clean water a reality for those who need it — and is on track to reach our goal of 25 billion liters of clean water by 2025. To date, our program has delivered more than 19 billion liters of clean water to people in more than 90 countries — more water than in 7,600 Olympic-sized pools.

CSDW - A Timeline

As a company that provides products to clean teeth, hair, countertops and even babies’ bottoms, P&G employees have always been focused on using technology to innovate new cleaning solutions.

P&G laundry scientist Dr. Phil Souter and his team created the process that led to the creation of the P&G Purifier of Water packets, a technology that enables people anywhere in the world to purify dirty water in a simple, affordable and convenient way. A 4-gram packet can transform dirty water to clean, drinkable water in only 30 minutes with just a bucket, a spoon and a cloth.

Leda's Story

CSDW technology has helped people like Leda, her three daughters, Estefany, Genesis and Karla and her five-year-old granddaughter, Mahia.

Leda was introduced to the P&G Purifier of Water packets by P&G’s partner, Water Mission, in Honduras in December 2020 after devastating hurricanes wreaked havoc on their community and many of the surrounding areas.

After the hurricanes, the only way the community could access clean water was to send someone by boat to another area to buy it — a costly and logistically complicated solution.

Water Mission brought the P&G Purifier of Water packets to the community, where the packets served as a sort of mini-water treatment plant.

Using water from the Ulua River, Water Mission educated Leda on how to use the packets to clean this dirty river water so Estefany, Genesis, Karla and Mahia wouldn’t have to drink the contaminated water.

“It’s very important to have clean water because we can prevent many sicknesses and have a better, healthier life,” said Leda. “After two hurricanes destroyed our community, we did not have a facility to access safe water, the cost for getting it was high and complicated. Water Mission came and made our lives easier by giving us these P&G Purifier of Water packets. Now we have an easier way to get clean water to cook and to drink.”

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