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Did You Know This Oral Care FSA Hack?

This one simple trick can help you save up to 20% when you buy an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush!

You know how important it is to floss and brush your teeth daily. Fighting plaque is the most critical factor in protecting and preserving your teeth and gums for life. Left untreated, harmful plaque bacteria can lead to periodontitis — which, in addition to leading to eventual tooth loss, is also linked with conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and Alzheimer’s disease. Simple changes, like using an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush, can prevent gingivitis from progressing to periodontitis, which may have systemic health implications. But did you know there’s another reason to smile when it comes to at-home dental care?

Aside from covering visits to your dentist, your benefits plan could also likely cover your pharmaceutical or grocery store purchases of electric toothbrushes from trusted brands like Oral-B! Here’s how you can use your benefits to your benefit:

1. Prioritize your oral health this year!

Learn what your FSA/HSA plans cover so you can use your benefits to their full potential for medical visits, prescription drugs and eligible OTC products.

2. Request the tools you need

Next time you visit your dentist, talk to your provider about the benefits of an electric toothbrush. If an electric toothbrush is recommended to you, print out and ask your provider fill out this letter of medical necessity, making the purchase FSA/HSA eligible.

3. Submit the form to your insurance/benefits provider

Submit the form to your FSA/HSA plan, along with other paperwork required by your benefits provider, and et voilà! Your plan should reimburse your purchase with your FSA/HSA account! *

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We care about your smile — and everyone’s smile! That’s why we want to help prioritize dental health this year for you and your community. Select “Closing the Smile Gap” as your cause, and team up with Crest + Oral-B to help tackle the #1 chronic disease in America: tooth decay. By switching your cause, or giving a single donation, you’ll help to provide a day of brushing — and help spread more smiles.


*If you have questions about your FSA or how to use an FSA account, contact your insurance provider.