Climate Change: How P&G Is Taking Action to Drive Change

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Climate Change: How P&G Is Taking Action to Drive Change and You Can, Too

P&G is engaging nonprofits and young activists on the path to be carbon neutral for the decade.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the focus on just how much our own health is dependent on the health of the planet. Recognizing that this next decade represents a critical window to address climate change, P&G recently announced a new commitment, called “It’s Our Home,” to accelerate our climate actions to be carbon neutral for the decade.

P&G will help protect, improve and restore nature by advancing a portfolio of natural climate solutions. To do this, we’re working with our expert partners at Conservation International, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Arbor Day Foundation. Yesterday, we convened a virtual roundtable hosted by National Geographic that brought together the CEOs of Conservation International and WWF, along with the next generation of climate leaders, to listen, learn and amplify the voices that need to be heard most.

Action must be taken now to provide a promising and thriving future, so we encourage you to join us in reducing your and your family’s carbon footprint — because everyone has a crucial role to play in improving this planet we call home.

“It’s Our Home”: Taking Collective and Drastic Action

P&G has a long-standing commitment to addressing climate change and putting a stop to the critical impact it is having on our world. Through restorative and protective project funding, we will examine our own carbon impact and how our new product developments and innovations can help protect the future of our planet and the communities we call home.

But we know we can’t combat this issue alone. Changes can only be made when we collaborate and unite with the incredible next generation that has been leading the way. When we truly listen to what their voices tell us — and stand together in the call for action — we can make a meaningful difference together.

Meet the Next Generation of Climate Change Activists

These young activists are playing a critical role in addressing climate change by harnessing the power of collective action:

Clover Hogan is the founder of Force of Nature, a youth-led organization empowering Gen Z to step up in the face of the climate crisis. Her recent podcast, a nine-part series, shines a light on ordinary people doing extraordinary things to save the planet: including the woman who started a global movement out of her backyard, the lawyer responsible for the world’s most historic climate agreement and a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Jiaxuan Zhang is a climate activist and researcher in China who works to engage young people to participate in climate governance. She has organized salon gatherings for leaders of student environmental protection organizations in Beijing and a Model Climate Change Conference for university students across the nation.

Kehkashan Basu is the founder of the youth organization Green Hope Foundation, which seeks to provide a networking platform to children and young people, especially girls. This is achieved through environmental workshops and ground-level projects that promote gender equality, climate justice, stopping land degradation, biodiversity conservation, waste segregation and reversing land degradation.

Vanessa Nakate is the founder of Youth for Future Africa, which aims to reduce disruption and damage from climate change and safeguard economic development and poverty eradication efforts long-term. She also founded the Rise Up Movement to amplify the voices of activists in Africa who are driving change.

How You Can Help

Wondering how you can help? Here are just a few simple things you and your family can do to be part of the solution:

Learn More about “It’s Our Home”

To find out more about P&G’s new commitment to advance natural climate solutions and be carbon neutral for the decade, visit National Geographic.


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