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The Amazing Innovation That’s Helping Moms Get Back to Work

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The Amazing Innovation That’s Helping Moms Get Back to Work

Learn about the amazing innovation that’s helping moms get back to work in Northern Ghana.

When a working parent gets sick, their family’s routine can come to a screeching halt. This is nowhere more true than in the Saboba region of Ghana, where mothers are often the breadwinners.

This community is driven primarily by women — nurses, seamstresses and others who shoulder the burden of caring for their families and for the community as a whole. With the many responsibilities they bear, it’s imperative that they stay healthy enough to support their families financially and emotionally. But there’s one big challenge: They don’t have access to clean water, and without it, getting sick is inevitable. Watch the video below for more:

P&G partners with organizations around the world to help provide clean water to people who need it. To date, the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided more than 15 billion liters of clean water to mothers like Joana, their families and communities.

Learn how you can help women in Ghana stay healthy so they can run their businesses and support their families.


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