A Healthier Ocean Means a Healthier World

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A Healthier Ocean Means a Healthier World

Discover what we’re doing to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and learn 3 ways you can help.

At P&G, we believe that addressing the plastic problem in our oceans is a shared responsibility. We all need to do more to show that we have a long-term solution to reducing and eliminating plastic waste.

That’s why we’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use and improving the recyclability of our packaging to help stop the flow of plastics into our oceans. In fact, by 2030, we aim to have 100% recyclable or reusable packaging across all our brands. One of our recent innovations led to the creation of the limited-edition Herbal Essences bio:renew collection bottles made with 25% beach plastics, excluding the cap. Though no longer available in stores, these bottles made from beach plastics helped clean nearly 3 tons of waste from the world’s beaches.

We invite and encourage you to join our efforts to help conserve the oceans. Here are three easy ways you can help.

  1. Choose Packaging That Uses Less Plastic or Uses Recycled Plastic Content

You’re buying household essentials already, so why not reach for better-for-the-oceans options? The Tide Eco-Box for e-commerce purchases is made with 60% less plastic than the standard Tide bottle and doesn’t require extra packaging material, like reboxing or bubble wrap, to ship.

  1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

We’re reducing and reusing — will you recycle? We’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to help collect and recycle waste from select Febreze products. Here’s what they accept:

  • Febreze AIR freshener cartridges and plugs

  • Febreze AIR freshener packaging and flexible film

  • Febreze AIR freshener plastic trigger heads

  • Febreze ONE bottles with trigger heads

  • Febreze ONE refills

  • Empty Febreze aerosol containers

Learn more about how you can participate in the TerraCycle Febreze recycling program.

TerraCycle is also helping us launch a nationwide take-back program to make it easier for you to recycle your empty Herbal Essences bottles at participating locations. By signing up, here’s what you can recycle through the Herbal Essences program:

  • Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner bottles and caps

  • Herbal Essences hair mist bottles and pumps

  • Herbal Essences flexible plastic tubes and closures

  • Herbal Essences color and hair treatment packets

  1. Ditch Plastic Bags for Reusable Ones

Plastic bags are only used for about 12 minutes — and only 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling. Instead of bagging your groceries in plastic next time you go shopping, try bringing your own bags. Reusable bags are relatively cheap, easy to find and, best of all, they won’t spend the next 500 years degrading in a landfill. If you do use plastic bags, check with your grocery store to see if they offer plastic bag recycling; many stores do.

The health of the world’s oceans affects the health of the entire world — a world we’re all a part of. Whether you are already aware of plastic pollution or are just learning about the impact plastic has on the planet, it’s important to realize that small changes every day can make a big difference in the future. We hope you’ll do your part, and we’ll continue to do ours.


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