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Meet Pastor Rudy, an Inspiration to the Poor and Underserved | Good Everyday

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Meet Pastor Rudy, an Inspiration to the Poor and Underserved in Houston

VIDEO: Katie Couric Media's "Leading with Love" Series – Part 5

*Editor’s Note: “Leading with Love” is a five-part series produced by Katie Couric Media in partnership with P&G that shares the inspirational stories of everyday people who Lead with Love, making meaningful impact in their communities. *

Pastor Rudy Rasmus knows firsthand how it feels not to be understood. He grew up in the segregated south and uses the lessons he learned to love people for who they are, where they are to help the homeless population in Houston, Texas. He has often said that a city’s greatness is determined by how it treats its poorest citizen, and he has stepped up to be a source of comfort and help to those most in need.

Pastor Rudy has dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate feel loved, included, and a sense of dignity through the organization he co-founded – Bread of Life. This nonprofit provides weekly food assistance and necessary personal items to those in need.

“Bread of Life is a nonprofit created to service the needs of the most challenged people in our city,” Pastor Rudy said. “We think about the sheer needs in our community, basic needs - food, shelter, clothing.”

One source of support for The Bread of Life comes from Matthew 25: Ministries, our disaster relief partner located in Cincinnati, who began providing provisions for The Bread of Life after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and has continued their support since that disaster.

“Every week during the most critical time here in Houston, Texas, we receive a truck from Matthew 25 filled with resources from Procter & Gamble and that has been such an amazing blessing,” the pastor said.

These products make an incredibly positive impact in the community and once given away, they enable survival for many people in that community. Many people don’t know where they would be without the help and support from Pastor Rudy, and his life’s work has made a huge positive impact on the community of Houston. The “Leading With Love” series highlights the impact one person can make, and Pastor Rudy is proof that one person can have a tremendous impact.

“I never imagined my life mattering like it has. The work has fulfilled a place in me that only service could fulfill.”

Our partnership with Matthew 25: Ministries is an example of how we’re stepping up to Lead with Love. Lead with Love is P&G’s call to action to make 2021 the year we all come together to do more and do better – for communities, equality and the planet. Learn more.

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