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Your School of Swagger Mentor Sign Up is Almost Complete

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Your School of Swagger Mentor Sign Up Is Almost Complete

Together with Old Spice’ School of Swagger, we are building confidence in younger generations. Will you join us?

How do you define confidence? Being self-assured? Proud? Having a little bit of swagger, even? What if we said that successful could also be a synonym for confident? Okay, maybe not a true synonym, but more so a byproduct of confidence. Let us explain.

Have you ever been nervous about a test or performance? Of course you have—you’re human, after all! But do you remember how much time you spent worrying or fretting over the possible outcome? Consider, for a moment, how much mental and physical energy is expended worrying about something that may or may not be in your power to control.

So, what if we told you that people, especially young, school-aged kids who are confident in their performance and abilities are more likely to succeed? Not just in a particular task, but in life in general. Experts share that “confidence is the best predictor of achievement.”1 And if these same kids go on to graduate from high school and pursue higher education, they stand to receive “greater job prospects, higher incomes, better health, and are less likely to live in poverty.”2

Studies show that these same students, especially young minority boys, are more likely to finish school and have higher chances for success with some form of mentorship throughout their education. Only 1 in 3 kids have mentors, which means the greater majority may struggle to achieve the same levels of success. And while success looks different for every person, struggling to achieve success should never be accepted as normal. That’s where Old Spice’s School of Swagger comes in.

School of Swagger seeks to understand what mentorship opportunities and needs young people have and brings the proper resources together to help support those needs. By partnering with communities and other organizations and businesses (Walmart, America’s Promise Alliance and more), School of Swagger has helped young people transition into a more fruitful adulthood for more than 80 years. We believe that every child has the capability to achieve their goals and thrive, and it’s all our responsibility to help them succeed.

How can you help support? Sign up to become a mentor. Whether you’re a teacher, coach, CEO or anything else, it takes a village to help raise younger generations, and your time will never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Sign Up to Become a Mentor

For February and beyond, join us as we help share the news of Old Spice’s School of Swagger on their 10-year journey, and help the next generation chart their own course for life. And to help create even more generational change, check out P&G Good Everyday’s cause – Take On Race – to help combat everyday racism for Black Americans.

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