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Reframing Gender Norms: The Man Enough Podcast | Good Everyday

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Reframing Gender Norms: The Man Enough Podcast

Presented by P&G, an empowering journey of rediscovering oneself produced by Wayfarer Studios.

At P&G, we have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity and access to resources for all while maintaining a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Since 2021, P&G has partnered with Man Enough, a content studio at Wayfarer Studios that aims to reframe masculinity, building a movement around healthy manhood and greater equity for all. Together, they have launched The Man Enough Podcast, now in its second season, which explores what it means to be a man today and how rigid gender roles have affected all people. The goal is to create a safe, open environment for a range of perspectives to come together, moving from systems and language that polarize and demonize men and masculinity toward one that invites all humans to participate and thrive in the world.

Not only does this podcast offer you an insightful and entertaining escape from your busy life, but it also champions limiting bias in the media and promotes gender equality among all. The series covers a wide range of topics, including parenthood, marriage/relationships, Black masculinity, LGBTQ+, mental health, the chore gap and more.

Creating a Healthy Mindset

Join the Man Enough Podcast hosts - actor Justin Baldoni, author and journalist Liz Plank and award-winning music producer Jamey Heath - as they explore each of their processes to embrace their full range of emotions, address trauma and find more happiness in their lives. 

Justin Baldoni

Justin had reached a point where he had constructed a life that felt like a hamster wheel that he couldn't get off of.

Liz Plank

Liz has worked to embrace her anger and sadness, and to stop avoiding “negative” emotions, as they are critical to being a full human being. We must use all of ourselves to find joy.

Jamey Heath

Jamey talks about how being good at everything from a young age – a musical prodigy, strong athlete, socially adept person – has made it necessary for him to consciously work on the parts of himself that he was not as confident in. 

This deeply personal, tender and open conversation brings the audience into the minds and hearts of the hosts, addressing trauma and finding more happiness in their lives all while revealing approaches to healing oneself, being a better friend, and feeling enough even when confidence is challenged.

More About Man Enough:

Man Enough is a content studio and community for thought leaders, change-makers, men, and people of all identities to co-create, discuss and embark on a journey of growth together. This deeply engaged and diverse platform includes video, audio, newsletters, books, and events across channels, creating a community and conversation that is rarely happening anywhere else

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