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P&G Unveils Strategy to Help Build a Water Positive Future | Good Everyday

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P&G Unveils Strategy to Help Build a Water Positive Future

At P&G, we want to help build a Water Positive Future that can sustain people and nature now, and for generations to come.

Imagine what life would be like if water wasn’t readily available. Water connects everything, and all of us – people, wildlife and nature depend on it. Water scarcity affects every continent on our planet, yet the impact is not felt equally.1 Some aren’t seeing the effects in their communities while others are facing extreme water stress every day. In fact, nearly one-third of people already live in water-stressed regions, and two-thirds of the global population are projected to by 2025.2

Over the last decade, our water strategy has evolved alongside our growing understanding of the complex challenges facing the world’s water resources and where we can have the greatest impact. We’ve set 2030 water goals to restore more water than is consumed from P&G manufacturing sites located in 18 priority water-stressed areas around the world. And in metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Mexico City, we’re committed to restore more water than is consumed during the use of our products – recognized as a first-of-its-kind goal. We will achieve these goals through partnerships and restoration projects that improve, manage, and protect water resources.

Learn more about P&G’s strategy here: A Closer Look at Procter & Gamble’s New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis#ItsOurHome



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