Play to Win: Year of Sweeps! | Good Everyday

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Must Be Present to Win

In order to win big, you have to play big!

Are you ready to win our biggest sweepstakes yet? You have to get in the game to win, and we’re talking about all the ways you can score an entire year’s worth of your favorite P&G products until January 31, 2022! How will you play? The possibilities are endless!

Option 1: Beginner's Luck

This method is for those who don’t necessarily have a game plan, but know they want to compete. They may complete their P&G Good Everyday login and profile on their lunch break.

Sign up = 10 sweepstakes entries

Option 2: Fast & Loose

Strategy? More like “all-in!” These players are likely to open a P&G email on a whim and take three surveys when they get home from work.

Take a survey = 25 sweepstakes entries (per survey, no limits)

Option 3: Slow & steady

This is for the people who have their routine and like to stick to it. If your preferred method of getting sweepstakes entries is by scanning receipts with your P&G purchases, then that’s fine with us!

Scan a receipt = 50 sweepstakes entries (per receipt, no limits)

There’s no wrong way to play! Become the ultimate strategist, mixing, matching, and combining all three methods of entry to create an air-tight game plan to win the most entries.


When you sign up, scan your receipt or take a survey, you'll earn rewards points + we'll donate to a cause you love.