Pampers Bright Beginnings


Donate your points to join Pampers Bright Beginnings in their efforts to support babies and their happy, healthy development right from the start.


By donating your points, you’re assisting in babies’ education and development with P&G and Pampers Bright Beginnings.

books donated to aid in babies’ early development

GOAL: 5,000

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

As the world’s No. 1 diaper brand, Pampers recognizes that all babies deserve happy, healthy development. Unfortunately, they don’t always get a fair chance. A bright future starts with a bright beginning, and Pampers and the P&G Good Everyday community have a mission to ensure that babies and families receive both.

Since 1962, Pampers has established a long history of helping babies and families, serving over 50 million children every day in more than 100 countries worldwide by creating a global disaster relief fund and partnering with lifesaving organizations, including March of Dimes and UNICEF. With Bright Beginnings, Pampers continues this legacy of support.

Bright Beginnings lead to happy, healthy development

A baby’s earliest days are the most important, and Pampers strives to support families by improving access to resources, tools and support. The Pampers Bright Beginnings program works to enable early success and development through hospital partnerships, educational plans and donations.

You can help, too

Pampers strives to create a measurable impact that will help babies get the bright beginnings they deserve, but they need your help. When you donate 100 of your rewards points to Pampers Bright Beginnings, a book is provided to a family to help a baby's early development.