Join us in our efforts to Safeguard America by providing hand sanitizer and hygiene products


Set COVID-19: Safeguard America as your cause to turn your everyday actions into extraordinary acts of good.

New Goal


Join us in our efforts to Safeguard America by providing hand sanitizer and hygiene products to help those impacted by the pandemic.

uses of hand sanitizer for frontline workers

NEW GOAL: 300,000

People working together to help our community reach its goal

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

For over 180 years, P&G has been a force for good in communities across the world. And now, it’s time to Safeguard America. P&G soap and hygiene brand Safeguard is stepping up to help those impacted by COVID-19 by donating over $10 million in hand soap and hand sanitizer products.

And together, we can do even more — by joining forces through P&G Good Everyday to help protect those who need it most during COVID-19.

Shifting focus to Safeguard America

In the U.S., Safeguard has traditionally supplied hand hygiene dispensers, soaps and sanitizers for restaurants and other businesses. However, Safeguard recognized the need to help protect even more people from germs and illnesses during the current crisis.

The brand has worked quickly to expand its manufacturing capacity to five additional locations across the U.S., to allow for an additional capacity of 45,000 liters of hand sanitizer per week. They are also donating hand sanitizers in 55-gallon utility drums for distribution to relief organizations like FEMA.

Safeguard has expanded its manufacturing capacity to produce additional hand sanitizer for those in need.

Lending a helping hand

In addition to donating to organizations like FEMA, Safeguard is donating sanitizer in consumer-sized bottles to hospitals, health care workers and others who need it most across the country. The brand is also launching with its retail partners new hand soap and hand sanitizer to offer even more choices for consumers to protect themselves and their families from germs.

Join Safeguard in the fight against COVID-19 by properly washing and sanitizing your hands. It’s a simple act, but it truly can make a difference.