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Join us in supporting the United Way’s efforts to prepare children for school with educational packets.

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GOAL: 25,000

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A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

In 1915, P&G founder James N. Gamble helped create the first coordinated community campaign for charities, which became the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. Since then, the United Way has become a global organization engaging nearly 1,800 communities across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide.

P&G is a committed partner on the global level, but also at the local level as the number one supporter of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. The United Way’s mission is to help strengthen the building blocks of a strong community by focusing on education, financial stability and health.

Chariman, President and CEO David Taylor joins P&G employees in lending a hand at the Freestore Foodbank.

Giving kids a strong start on education

Millions of kids lack the support they need to be successful in school. The United Way is fighting to shift the odds with educational programs like Born Learning to help children succeed. This school-readiness campaign gives families the tools they need to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities, so that kids in need are better prepared to start school.

The United Way supports other education efforts, including Every Child Succeeds and HIPPY – Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters. In the HIPPY model, home visitors share education packets designed for parents to practice skills and engage in age-appropriate learning activities with their children. While home visitations have changed this year, the need is the same. These programs have shifted efforts to meet families virtually and continue to provide this important support.

Additionally, United Way is working to end the digital divide. In times when kids can’t be in the classroom, families need to have affordable internet so they can stay on track with their education.

Fostering financial empowerment

In communities around the world, families face financial obstacles that prevent a good quality of life. The United Way is working to put every person, in every community, on a path toward financial empowerment.

Through various campaigns, the United Way provides access to services, job training, credit counseling and money management programs to help put an end to underemployment and unemployment, so that people can build better financial futures.

Building healthier communities

A person’s zip code should never be a barrier to improving health. Yet for many, where they live determines the health services they have available to them.

The United Way is committed to building healthy communities, one person at a time. From introducing food stands in urban food desserts to supporting the emotional and mental needs of veterans, they are working to ensure everyone has access to the quality health services they deserve.

Help is at your fingertips

The United Way has impacted millions of lives through the many community services they make easily available to those who need them. This includes the funding and operations of a toll-free help line, United Way 2-1-1. Staffed by a trained professional 24/7, United Way 2-1-1 helps callers find local services and resources for community programs, criminal justice education, financial support, health care and even legal services.

To learn more about how you can support United Way, check out the many ways to volunteer and get involved.