Set Dawn Helps Save Wildlife with International Bird Rescue as your cause to turn your everyday actions into extraordinary acts of good.



You can now join us in supporting International Bird Rescue in their efforts to help oil-covered aquatic birds.

dish soap for first baths of oil-covered birds

NEW GOAL: 300,000

People working together to help our community reach its goal

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

Since 2006, Dawn dish soap has donated more than $4 million to its wildlife partners, including thousands of bottles of dish soap to wildlife rescue workers at International Bird Rescue. Together, we can do even more — which is why we created P&G Good Everyday. It’s a new program where we join forces with you and work together to solve real problems, like cleaning and aiding birds affected by oil pollution.

Giving aquatic birds a clean set of wings

Oil pollution has widespread consequences for wildlife, harming both the animals and the environments they call home. That’s why, over 40 years ago, International Bird Rescue was looking for a way help the wildlife impacted by oil pollution; specifically, to clean oil from birds’ feathers. They found that Dawn was tough on grease and oil pollution, but gentle on the birds’ delicate feathers and skin. Since then, Dawn has donated thousands of bottles of dish soap to the wildlife rescue workers at International Bird Rescue.

A simple action, a lifesaving clean

To date, the International Bird Rescue response team has led rescue efforts in over 200 incidents. In addition, they care for over 4,000 acquatic birds in crisis each year, like pelicans, herons, and albatrosses, using Dawn dish soap.

Dawn’s donations help support International Bird Rescue's rehabilitation and research programs, its growing volunteer network, and educational programs that inspire the next generation of wildlife champions. You can support the cause through International Bird Rescue's Adopt-A-Bird program or get involved with one of their other initiatives.