Join us in supporting Always #EndPeriodPoverty and their efforts through the Feeding America® network


Set Always #EndPeriodPoverty as your cause and turn your everyday actions into extraordinary acts of good.

New Goal


Join us in supporting Always #EndPeriodPoverty and their efforts through the Feeding America® network to make period protection more accessible to girls in need.

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NEW GOAL: 500,000

People working together to help our community reach its goal

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

Always has provided 32 million period products through the Feeding America® Network. But there are still thousands of girls in need. Together, we can do better — which is why we created P&G Good Everyday. It’s a new program where we join forces with you and work together to solve real problems, like period poverty.

Sparking conversation and change

For most of us, not having access to period protection seems unimaginable. Maybe even something that only happens to girls in other parts of the world. But unfortunately, period poverty is occurring right here in the United States.

Nearly one in five girls in the U.S. have either left school early or missed school entirely because they didn’t have access to period products. In cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, LA and New York, hundreds of thousands of girls have missed school because they couldn’t afford the products they need.

On a mission to #EndPeriodPoverty

Without the supplies they need, these girls are forced to miss critical confidence-building activities in the classroom, on the field and in extra-curricular school programs. And without the chance to develop their confidence through these activities, they are less likely to reach their full potential.

Always believes that every girl should have access to period protection. That’s why since August 2018, the Always #EndPeriodPoverty program has donated more than 32 million period products to girls in the United States with help from Feeding America®, participating retailers, local organizations and people around the country.

And with over 200 million pads donated to girls around the world in the last 10 years, Always is truly making a difference — and you can too. Join the mission to #EndPeriodPoverty.

You can also support girls in need by following Always on social and using #EndPeriodPoverty to join the conversation.