Donate your points to plant a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation


Donate your points to plant a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation.


By donating your points, you're helping support the sustainability efforts of Charmin, P&G and the Arbor Day Foundation.


trees planted through the
Arbor Day Foundation

GOAL: 5,000

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

Believing that none of us should have to choose between using the products we enjoy today and what we all need to preserve our tomorrow, Charmin and P&G collaborate with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation to protect and enhance the forests we all depend on.

P&G was the first partner of the Arbor Day Foundation to make a contribution of 300,000 trees to restore what was lost in the CA wildfires. As a catalyst for change, other partners made commitments. Finally, P&G stepped up to help close the project, donating over 500,000 trees in total for wildfire restoration.

P&G Family Care was awarded the 2018 Friend of the Forest Award for our commitment to using trees and forests to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

That same year, P&G established Ambition 2030 — new sustainability goals created to enable and inspire positive impact on our environment and society. These broad-reaching commitments focus on P&G brands, supply chain, society and employees in an effort to address the issue of finite resources and growing consumption.

While our work to replant in areas devastated by natural disasters began in 2018, our commitment to restore forests is unwavering. That’s why we have increased our overall commitment and now aim to plant 1 million trees with the Arbor Day Foundation between 2020 and 2025. And since 2020, we’ve already planted enough trees to restore more than 1,572 acres of forestland.

Charmin is committed to helping keep forests as forests for generations to come

The Charmin Sustainability Promise: Go Beyond
Charmin is committed to helping keep forests as forests for generations to come. It’s why we:

__Protect forests __

We only use pulp certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, and we support FSC® in their work to increase adoption of FSC products. These standards ensure we are protecting wildlife and contributing to thriving local communities.

__Grow trees __

We regrow two trees for every tree we use by working closely with our supply chain and nonprofit partners to match the current and future mix of trees in a forest.

__Restore forests __

We partner with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation to fund forest replenishment in areas devastated by natural disasters like wildfires.

Partnering for growth

In order to create solutions surrounding our sustainability efforts, P&G has relied on key partnerships, like the one we have with the Arbor Day Foundation. Founded in 1972, it’s the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the planting of trees. The Arbor Day Foundation works to restore forests, improve tree cover in communities and inspire the next generation of tree planters.

In fact, more than 1 million members, supporters and partners have helped plant more than 400 million trees throughout the world, helping to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone. And we’re committed to helping support these efforts.

Donating your points will allow trees to be planted in a dedicated forest at Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida. After a Category 5 hurricane passed directly over the base in 2018, the area suffered major wind and surge damage. Around 12,000 acres of mature slash pine trees snapped in half. And while the base has funding for the cleanup effort, they need the support of our P&G Good Everyday community to replace the trees and ensure a healthy, forested future for this ground.

The forests at Tyndall Air Force Base suffered major damage after Hurricane Michael struck in 2018.

Going greener

Trees and the products they provide are an essential part of our daily lives and can play a role in helping address climate change. By producing all of our paper towel, toilet paper and tissue products with wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests, we are helping to promote forestry practices that leave a smaller environmental footprint, protect vulnerable species and make a positive impact on communities that depend on them. Charmin products are all made with third-party-certified fibers, and for every tree used, at least one is regrown.

We are committed to going above and beyond what it takes to make our family care products create collective solutions that have a greater impact on people, forests and the world. There are easy ways for you to help, too. One is supporting the Arbor Day Foundation through donating your points to help plant trees.