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Good, Everyday Ways to Give Back | Good Everyday

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Good, Everyday Ways to Give Back

We’re sharing 5 easy ways to give back all year round!

Navigating through uncertain times can be a challenging journey for many. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexities of life or feel helpless witnessing the struggles of others. In these moments, it’s crucial to recognize we may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but we can start small by helping where we can with what we have to offer.

Instead of feeling conflicted or confused, we can feel more empowered by focusing on the influence, ability or talents we do have to help others. If you have the time, energy, resources and emotional ability to give back, we encourage you do what you can.

So, what are some ways you can get involved?

1. Fight food insecurity

As we mentioned, food insecurity is a problem for many. The importance of a shared meal directly correlates to the large amount of food waste we see. In addition to carefully packing up your fresh, uncontaminated leftovers for community members who are experiencing homelessness, you can volunteer your time at a food pantry, soup kitchen or even hold your own food drive. Canned goods and other non-perishable items (that are NOT past their expiration date) are good ways to help those whose next meal is not guaranteed.

2. Fight injustice

This may seem like a tall order. Fighting injustice isn’t going to be an overnight victory, and it won’t stop with just one action. But you can do your part just by having a conversation. Sharing authentic, real-life experiences where you’ve experienced injustice, listening to those who share their stories and choosing to believe what they say is true is a great way to begin the fight.

Other conversations, like vocally (but respectfully) disagreeing with family members if they say something inappropriate about a group not represented in your room is a bold and brave way to help fight the narrative of injustice.

3. Create lasting memories

Traditions are only traditions if you commit to them. You might not like the traditions your friends or family celebrate, but each year gives you the chance to establish new traditions and create new memories.

Even if you’re far from family, you can easily build community with the people nearby. Try organizing a fun run, a game night, a charity outing or another community event. You could also offer to babysit for friends to have a memorable night out with guaranteed childcare or start a community garden to (literally) plant the seeds for tomorrow’s traditions.

4. Donate more than money

While many charities are usually in need of cash donations and funding, they are often equally in need of physical volunteers. What good is raising money for a food drive if there are no helpers to help pack the meals or serve the food? Sometimes, donating your time and resources is more valuable than the money itself.

Other ways you can donate include giving your time to read to children in school, donating time to organize and stock their libraries, performing at a senior living community or donating blood. You can volunteer your abilities in other ways, like when you scan a receipt or take a survey, you can help military families in need through our cause, Operation Homefront.

5. Use your voice

Not everyone has the time or the money to donate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give back. Some people have a significant amount of social influence and clout that they can use to promote, highlight and uplift. If you are one of those influential humans, use your platform! For some, that’s via social media. For others, that’s through your organizations, groups and communities. If you find yourself in a place of influential authority, think about ways you can rally your community, uplift those struggling or promote causes that could use a little bit of help.