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A Sense of Normalcy in Times of Crisis

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Tide Loads of Hope: Rising Up in Times of Need

See how P&G and one of its largest laundry brands give back when it matters most.

Life after disasters — hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires — can feel like a nightmare. Families are displaced. Routines are interrupted. Nothing feels normal. And while the future is uncertain, one thing is not: P&G and Tide’s commitment to helping people rebuild their lives after disaster strikes.

In times of uncertainty, the smallest acts can bring comfort and fill us with hope — like a fresh load of laundry. Tide Loads of Hope was created in 2005 as a response to Hurricane Katrina. They’re still going strong today, making sure communities affected by natural disasters have the comfort of clean clothes to bring back a sense of normalcy in times of crisis.

How We Help: 3 Ways We Support People in Need

After a natural disaster strikes, P&G and Tide Loads of Hope spring into action. Here are three ways we help individuals and communities following disasters.

We Dispatch Tide's Mobile Laundry Units Tide Loads of Hope trucks travel to communities recovering from natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires. Families are invited to have their clothes washed, dried and folded free of charge.

We Distribute Personal Care Kits and Cleaning Products Free everyday essential products are distributed to families to help meet their basic hygiene and home-care needs. Products are distributed directly in impacted areas and include items from brands such as Always, Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Gillette, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, Secret, Tide, Venus, and more.

We Donate to a Relief Fund We invite current and retired employees to contribute to our relief efforts through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s P&G Employee and Retiree Disaster Relief Fund. All proceeds from this fund go directly to support community disaster relief efforts.

Tide Loads of Hope has a long history of supporting communities and providing relief amid natural disasters.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina crashed into the Louisiana coastline, devastating New Orleans and its neighboring communities. Katrina left people around the country asking what they could do to help. That’s when Tide created Loads of Hope – as an effort to restore a sense of normalcy and dignity through the basic comfort of clean clothes.

Since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tide Loads of Hope has helped more than 90,000 people across the country affected by natural disasters.

Free Laundry Services to Front-line Responders As the nation dealt with the immediate impact of the 2020 pandemic, Tide wanted to do its part for the community. Tide Loads of Hope, powered by Tide Cleaners, provided free laundry services to first responders who worked tirelessly to protect and care for all of us. Through the Tide Cleaners network of brick-and-mortar stores and drop-off locker locations, the team delivered a huge impact, including more than 104,000 front-line responder visits and more than 1.8 million garments of laundry cleaned.

Severe Weather Winter Storm Response In 2021, severe winter storms swept through Texas, leaving millions without heat, electricity, or running water. In response, Tide Cleaners provided free laundry services to residents in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Lubbock, and Amarillo. Each family was encouraged to bring in up to 13 lbs. of laundry to have washed for free. To further provide comfort and support to those affected by the winter storms, Procter & Gamble in collaboration with Matthew 25: Ministries, distributed seven truckloads of essential products including Tide, Olay, Pampers, Secret, Febreze, Pantene, Spic n Span, Downy, Crest, Puffs, and Old Spice to five cities in Texas.

Hurricane Ian & Hurricane Fiona Relief Efforts The Atlantic coast was a hotbed of hurricane activity in 2023, with both Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona reaching Category 4 status. Communities in Puerto Rico and southwest Florida faced significant challenges in their aftermath, including loss of life, displacement, property damage, power outages, and lack of clean water. Tide Loads of Hope in collaboration with partners like Matthew 25: Ministries, stepped in to help where they could, providing free laundry services, personal care kits, and aid to impacted communities.

Tide Loads of Hope mobile relief units completed 2,500 laundry loads, distributing over 4,000 Tide PODS samples, and delivering more than 1,000 personal care kits and thousands of home care and cleaning products to communities in need.

Tennessee Tornado Relief On December 9th, 2023, a series of powerful tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee, causing widespread destruction, power outages, and claiming at least six lives. Around 39,000 people were left without power, and hundreds of homes were severely damaged.

To help affected families, Tide Loads of Hope partnered with Matthew 25: Ministries to offer much-needed resources. Together, they sent a mobile relief vehicle loaded with P&G personal care essentials, cleaning products, and two Tide Loads of Hope trucks to Clarksville and Hendersonville, TN.

More than 100 loads of laundry were completed, and over 4,000 products including household essentials like Charmin, Bounty, Dawn, Pampers, Tide, and Zevo were successfully distributed by the mobile relief team.

How You Can Help

Since the launch of P&G Good Everyday in 2020, our community has donated detergent for more than 350,000 loads of laundry to help people in need.

You can support Tide Loads of Hope by making a direct donation to the Tide Loads of Hope Fund or selecting Tide Loads of Hope as your preferred cause on P&G Good Everyday. Each time you answer surveys and scan receipts through our program, you can feel good knowing that P&G will automatically provide detergent for a day of clean laundry to people in need. Plus, as you engage, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for rewards you love.

Together, we can add to the more than 90,000 people we’ve helped in cities across the U.S.


When you sign up, scan your receipt or take a survey, you'll earn rewards points + we'll donate to a cause you love.