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Lifting our communities

Giving back and serving the areas where we work and live to make meaningful differences in our communities.

Tide Loads of Hope we provide detergent for 25,000 days of clean clothes to people in need-a2d92534100136273baf6ea4
Tide Logo-d17c9addef26429a2942c3c3

Tide Loads of Hope

More than 90,000 loads of clean laundry have been provided by Tide Loads of Hope since 2005. Join us to provide detergent for a day of clean clothes — and help give hope to more people in need.

P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water-1ddb4d877ff87211b972d4d5
Children's Safe Drinking Water Logo-2d1d8ad8fb4ac47f9d8db105

P&G Children's Safe
Drinking Water

P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided 19 billion liters of clean water to communities in need. Join us to provide more days of clean water to people in need.

Join us in working with Operation Homefront to help military families-feb3a79e3a4e620051e35c29
Operation Homefront logo-4ea685111f7b19f2545a846f

Operation Homefront

P&G brands have supported the U.S. military for over 100 years. Join us in working with Operation Homefront to provide home products to help military families stay strong throughout the year.

P&G + Matthew 25: Ministries to distribute supplies during this crisis-404fa37f855f96740915676c
Matthew 25: Ministries Logo-a921e4949de0316777e198da

P&G + Matthew 25: Ministries

Matthew 25: Ministries donations help support programs like Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap and Safeguard America by donating PPE, cleaning supplies, and disaster relief.

Equality and Inclusion icon-17d94723dc4305a1f879e7fc

A voice for equality

Ensuring fair treatment, equality of opportunity and access to resources for all while maintaining a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Always #EndPeriodPoverty-c437cce1c3bd43fb55e22705
Always Logo-982559424d919d8b9f6a1982


Always has donated over 32 million pads to help #EndPeriodPoverty. Join us to donate more products — and make period protection more accessible to girls in need.

P&G is stepping up ongoing efforts to advance equality for all people-277e6ac3e3c751b491bd6f26
P&G Logo-8715604edb032bdfa1e7d392

Take On Race

P&G is stepping up ongoing efforts to advance equality for all people - especially Black Americans facing racism. Join us to help support and advocate for racial equality as we partner with organizations to fight for justice.

Hispanic Star + Crest & Oral-B’s Closing America’s Smile Gap-9db4f46d13b691bf9ea9ca57
Hispanic Star Logo-71748efff886b8a56cf9cfa5

Hispanic Star + Crest & Oral-B’s Closing America’s Smile Gap

P&G along with The Hispanic Star + Crest & Oral-B’s Closing America’s Smile Gap are partnering to increase representation in the dental profession. Join us to help fund scholarships for minority dental students.

Can't Cancel Pride-a6487c1fa001cf3452bff501

Can’t Cancel Pride

P&G is a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Join us in supporting LGBTQ+ organizations that provide lifesaving and life-affirming resources and services.

Environmental Sustainability Logo-877b690daf4ab728e0c6f595

Protecting our planet

Enabling and inspiring positive impact on our environment and society through sustainability efforts.

P&G Sustainability with Arbor Day Foundation-37812e1272f7e4681399230d
Arbor Day Foundation Logo-810269dfef18d94965eca33b

It’s Our Home

Small actions at home can make a world of difference for the planet. P&G and Charmin have been longstanding partners with the Arbor Day Foundation, and now you can join us to help support youth environmental education and plant trees.

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife with International Bird Rescue-7df69d7c284bcefdd2c783b3
Dawn Logo-6968b94708d78e1c696a1fbd

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife with International Bird Rescue

For over 40 years, Dawn has been trusted to clean oil-covered wildlife. Join us to provide more baths for oil-covered birds.

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife with The Marine Mammal Center-befda8b87056d2d7b7547b19
Dawn Logo-35e3cc70b29f59c164c7e4d5

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife with The Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center and Dawn have helped thousands of animals affected by oil pollution. Join us to provide medicine for sick sea lion pups.

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