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Join us in supporting P&G + Matthew 25: Ministries as they help those in need during COVID-19


Set P&G + Matthew 25: Ministries as your cause and turn your P&G Good Everyday actions into donations.


Join us in supporting P&G + Matthew 25: Ministries as they help provide essential supplies to those in need.

essential products provided to those in need

People working together to help our community reach its goal

Coming together for communities

Both P&G and Matthew 25: Ministries have long legacies of doing good; over 15 years ago, the two started working together. Since then, P&G has been donating items and products for distribution by Matthew 25: Ministries, ensuring those in need get the supplies they need most.

Over the years, Matthew 25 has delivered 265,000 pounds of emergency supplies to more than 450 organizations — including hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, schools and first responders at fire and police departments. P&G has supported these efforts by providing personal care and cleaning products from brands like Dawn, Gillette, Mr. Clean and Tide.

A simple mission with a big impact

Matthew 25: Ministries doesn’t just help disaster victims or help only during times of crisis. They are an international humanitarian aid organization dedicated to helping those who need it most locally, regionally, nationally and internationally — regardless of race, creed or political views.

The nonprofit reuses products from major corporations and manufacturers. With donations from partners like P&G and partner organizations like Safeguard America and Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap, Matthew 25: Ministries is able to provide basic necessities, nutritional supplements and other supplies across the U.S. and worldwide.

By choosing Matthew 25: Ministries, you help support these two valuable P&G brand initiatives: Closing the Chore Gap and Safeguard America.

Focusing on what matters most

Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap

Whether we’re working to remove barriers to girls’ education, improve economic opportunities for women, or create an inclusive, gender-equal environment within P&G, we stand for gender equality both in and out of the home. The “invisible labor” required to keep a home clean and healthy often falls disproportionately on women. This discrepancy is commonly called the chore gap. Today, we have the opportunity to have real conversations about the chore gap and make real changes that can help close it.

Safeguard America

For over 180 years, P&G has been a force for good in communities across the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, P&G soap and hygiene brand Safeguard donated over $10 million in hand soap and hand sanitizer products. Today, they continue to donate to families in need of their products and are creating new products to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Hand washing is one of the best ways to remove or reduce the spread of bacteria. It can also help you avoid getting sick. It sounds simple enough, but some people don’t have access to soap or running water. When soap and clean, running water aren’t available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is the next best choice for reducing the number of microbes on hands.

Together, we can continue to do even more — by joining forces through P&G Good Everyday to help provide hand hygiene products to those in need.

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